This Thing Called “Marriage”

Majority of us want to get married. The only question is when. Parents (usually) nag at us to get married when we’re in the 20s. At least mine do. I’m currently 21 and the urge to get married is strong. The problem is: I haven’t found my significant someone. Never did. Not even sure if I’ll find that person soon.

I’ve thought about it. The reason why the desire is strong. I know for sure that part of it is attributable to my personality. I love having my own family and children, so getting married before I turn 30 is definitely on my to-do list. Yes, having your own family and children is not all roses, but I still love being surrounded by them.

Perhaps the greatest reason is my ageing parents. They aren’t getting any younger. The worst? I have old parents. My mum and dad were 36 and 41 years old respectively when I was born. So my mum is now 57 and dad 62. Which means if I get married in my late 20s, lets say when I’m 28, mum would be 64 and dad 69. That is if I get married before 30. What if fate has different plans for me? What if I happen to marry in my early 30s? My parents would be in their 70s then.

That thought scares me. The thought that they would pass on before I get married. That they wouldn’t see their grandchildren being born and growing up. Which child wants to get married without their parents by their side? For their parents to be proud that their child is growing up?

Another thing. I know how it feels like to have old parents. To not be able to help them financially when they are in their old age. To not be able to send them off on holidays because I could not afford to. To see them growing old and exhausted when I am still in my teens. I don’t want my children to go through the same thing I did, having old parents. Maybe that’s why I worry even though I’m 21. Honestly, marrying at 25/26 doesn’t sound too bad. My parents would be able to see me get married, my children would not worry so much about their parents getting old when they are still in their teens.

Of course, I need to find my significant someone first.


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