The Wait (6/6)

Rika knocked on the door to the Kanagawa residence. It was late evening now and about time to pick Emma up. The door opened revealing Mrs Kanagawa smiling happily. “Chigawa-san! Right on time as always,” “Hello Kanagawa-san,” she greeted politely. “I’m here to pick Emma up.” “Oh right, right. Emma! Your mother’s here!” Mrs Kanagawa... Continue Reading →


The Wait (5/6)

Hatano scratched the back of his neck uncertainly. He didn’t know when to begin. He wasn’t even sure where to start from. “Start from the beginning,” Rika demanded. “How are you even alive? From what I know, the restaurant you guys were in was totally destroyed.” “Yeah, it was. But I left earlier. I had... Continue Reading →

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