The Wait (6/6)

Rika knocked on the door to the Kanagawa residence. It was late evening now and about time to pick Emma up. The door opened revealing Mrs Kanagawa smiling happily. “Chigawa-san! Right on time as always,” “Hello Kanagawa-san,” she greeted politely. “I’m here to pick Emma up.” “Oh right, right. Emma! Your mother’s here!” Mrs Kanagawa... Continue Reading →


The Wait (5/6)

Hatano scratched the back of his neck uncertainly. He didn’t know when to begin. He wasn’t even sure where to start from. “Start from the beginning,” Rika demanded. “How are you even alive? From what I know, the restaurant you guys were in was totally destroyed.” “Yeah, it was. But I left earlier. I had... Continue Reading →

The Wait (4/6)

Rika narrowed her eyes. What were the odds of Hatano being here? He disappeared after meeting her at the coffee shop and hadn’t been at the flower shop. Despite keeping a lookout on her way here, she could not spot him anyway around town. Unless… “Did you follow me here?” she accused, glaring at him.... Continue Reading →

The Wait (3/6)

Rika eyed the customers who were starting to trickle into the coffee shop. It was half past noon, so more people started to head out for lunch. Alright, time to go. Casting a swift glance at her watch, she downed the remainders of her tea - as how a lady would, mind you. Smoothing the... Continue Reading →

The Wait (2/6)

It’s been four years. Rika mused as she gazed out the window. The street was as lively as ever. As if Japan’s loss had never occurred. The news of the loss had spread throughout the whole country like wildfire, shaking the strong belief the people had - that Japan was invincible. It also took away... Continue Reading →

The Wait (1/6)

“I’ll wait for you, for as long as I have to.” Based on the Joker Game anime.   Cold. It’s so cold. ...where are you going? Don’t leave. You promised you’d stay. Don’t leave us alone. Just like the others. Come back! You can’t do this! Wait! “I said wait!!” the young lady screamed, eyes... Continue Reading →


It's okay if you don't remember, because I remember every single moment we were together. Let's make more memories from today onwards. Together. Click on the title to read the story! (Warning: It's around 4,000 words long)

From Wishes to Reality

What if you were deeply in love with a fictional character? What if the said character's doppelganger appears in your life? What will you do then? Sometimes wishes do come true if you wish hard enough. Of course, you have to put in the effort too. Click on the title to read the story! (Warning: It's around 8,000 words long)

Maybe Someday

Love. A strong feeling of affection towards someone. They say that everyone is bound to find it someday. Someday, they say. How vague. When exactly is “someday”? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? ...never? Tears stung the young girl’s eyes as she looked at the scene in front of her.  She felt her heart breaking into... Continue Reading →

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