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The Wretched Cycle of Love

This feeling. Many of us have been there, are currently feeling it. The endless cycle of having a crush and getting crushed. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. We’ve been there.

And you know what’s the worst thing? When your friend has a crush on the very same guy. You have to choose between your friend and your crush. Friendship versus love. I’ve been in that situation once and I sincerely wish no one has to go through that. It hurts deeply.

Call me naive or stupid, but I still allow myself to fall in this cycle. Because I know that the right person is out there waiting. Waiting for me to find him. And I will never stop until I find him.

Until that day comes, I will wait and continue to improve myself.

The longing heart, the pondering mind

“The feeling of liking someone is nice, it feels fuzzy and warm”, I think to myself

But every time I do, it only ends in a heartbreak

Is this my fate? I don’t know

But lady luck never shines on me when it comes to love

Like they say, crushes are meant to crush you

And that is exactly what I become every time I have a crush on someone


Having feelings for someone starts off nice, of course, loving someone is always nice

And then it gets tough, insecurities, disappointments and so many other bad things creep in

Before you know it, harboring a one sided crush takes a toll on you

And soon you realise, the very person you put your heart and soul into is never meant for you

I tell myself , I am done, I am never going to fall for anyone


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